18-Dec-2018Chelmsford, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for all LEGOS pieces that are looking for a new home for a giant family-friendly LEGOs building activity. Need by Friday, 12/21. Will pick up in the greater Lowell area.
18-Dec-2018Manchester, NH+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for empty feed bags to make tote bags. NOT paper, the plastic cloth kind. Preferably with pictures of animals or birds on them. Thank you!
17-Dec-2018Groton, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
Wanted; IBM Floppy Disks. These are the 3-1/2 size that we used to use about 20 years ago in our PCs. I can use these for my business, as I am still using these computers.
16-Dec-2018Bedford, NH+5 milesItems Wanted
Hi I am looking for a old microwave oven that works thanks
15-Dec-2018Manchester, NH+9 milesItems Wanted
Hi - I am looking for 1 or 2 pool cues (the sticks) in good condition. I am willing to come pick them up. Thanks!
14-Dec-2018Lowell, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for windows to re-purpose for a greenhouse
13-Dec-2018Nashua, NH+7 milesItems Wanted
Hi! My husband is on dialysis and needs an upright exercise bike and treadmill for exercise, which is so important. Thanks so much.
13-Dec-2018Nashua, NH+7 milesItems Wanted
If anyone has a piano they no longer want, it would be great. My husband is on dialysis and it would cheer him up. It is something he can do in his spare time. I am also looking for a telescope and art easel for him.
12-Dec-2018Lowell, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
I am hoping to surprise my ill mother in law by decorating the trees by her window. Any color lights will do, thank you!
12-Dec-2018Lowell, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
ISO Christmas lights, I m hoping to surprise my ill mother in law by decorating the trees by her window.
11-Dec-2018Groton, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a charger for a Black and Decker Dust Buster. My cord was eaten. Thanks in advance.
10-Dec-2018Lowell, MA+20 milesItems Wanted
Hi! This is oddly specific, but I'm looking for the lid to a West Loop travel cup you might have an extra of? I have the metal main part to it but would love a lid. Thank you!
10-Dec-2018Derry, NH+11 milesItems Wanted
Looking for these books for my Granddaughter. Library doesn't have very many & she loves them. Thank you.
9-Dec-2018Groton, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
Hello all....My husband and I have just moved into a new home which was very costly and we do not have the extra money right now for a tree. His favorite time of year is Christmas and I would love to surprise him with one if someone has one they do not need anymore. Thank you all for taking the time to look at my post. Happy holidays!
8-Dec-2018Pinardville, NH+8 milesItems Wanted
Im Looking to purchase for ($1OO) The Nat Guard yr book, i believe frm 1962 during The Cuban Missile Crisis...The NH ARMY NAT GUARD was activated To Ft. BRAGG,NC for 1yr . I lost my yr book and wld pay $1OO to anybdy that may have one and wants to sell. Thank u,. Ad number: #393663927 Contact: Steve Wilson Phone: 6032036690 City: Manchester Zip: 03102
7-Dec-2018Bedford, NH+5 milesItems Wanted
In desperate need of a double or king bed possibly with a mattress it would mean so so much and thank you so much in advance xx
7-Dec-2018Tewksbury, MA+25 milesItems Wanted
looking for tank, stand and accessories anything to get started Thanks Mike